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Natural Stone Or Porcelain: Which One Is A Better Fit For Your Project?

This article will look at the differences between using natural stone or porcelain to make you confident in determining which material will be more suitable for your installation.
pool coping natural stone

3 Important Reasons Why You Need Pool Coping

Essentially pool coping is the cap for a pool’s edge and is an important consideration when planning to build your pool. Pool coping is the first round of tiles or pavers that encircles your pool. The pool coping is laid out to the bond beam & from there your paving, tiles or decking can then be installed.

pool heating natural stone

Pool Heating Options to Extend Your Swim Season

Your pool is a big investment. At best, many of us only get 50% of the year to use it. How to heat your pool to extend your swim season, will essentially come down to answering the following 3 questions.

sealing floors living room
Caring for Natural Stone

Why Seal Your Floors?

In this blog post we discuss with our resident tiler, Melissa, why it is important to seal your floors. She has been in the tiling industry for 9 years, running her own business, specialising in bathroom tiling. Melissa has recently joined our team.

pool surrounds

Pool Smarts Part 2 – Create Maximum Design Appeal

You’ve seen those gorgeous pools in the pages of the glossy magazines and on television shows about the rich and famous but now it’s your turn. How will you get just what you want and make it absolutely perfect?

pool surrounds sandstone

Pool Smarts Part 1 – Planning Your Pool

So it’s decided. Summer isn’t far away and you really want to put a pool in at your place. If you’re a novice at this pool building business then read on.