Sandstone provides a natural and warm aesthetic reminiscent of the sand at the beach. The colours of Sandstone can range from tan to red, grey and white hue.

What Is Sandstone?

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock composed of sand-sized silica grains or organic material. The colour of Sandstone can range from tan, brown, and yellow to red, grey, pink, white and black due to the impurities within the minerals.

Sandstone provides a natural and warm aesthetic for both indoor and outdoor spaces in a variety of projects. It has been used for construction, decorative artworks and housewares for centuries and it is known to be used for the heritage buildings in the Sydney CBD.

Timeless Warm Look

It offers a warm and natural look that is perfect for the harsh Australian environment and is most commonly used for the alfresco areas.

Not only does it make a great choice for pool coping and water features, but it’s also ideal for footpaths and wall cladding, as well as indoor applications such as fireplaces and flooring.

Quality Range of Sandstone Pavers & Tiles

Sareen Stone sources high-quality sandstone for clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and elsewhere along the east coast of Australia. Our range includes:

Himalayan Natural/Alfresco – A popular stone suitable for all types of exterior projects, it stands apart from most Himalayan available in the marketplace as it is calibrated providing consistent thickness and limited colour variation.

Tudor Grey – A textured mid-grey Sandstone available in a larger format.

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