Handling Natural Stone Around Pools

9 April 2019


Each piece of natural stone displays the markings of its formation history so no two pieces will be the same. This is the first thing to understand when selecting natural stone for any project including stone around pools.
handling stone around pools

Project and image courtesy of Get Smart Landscaping and Freestyle Pools.

Other important considerations are suitability of the stone to the type of project, colour, tile size, surface finish, coping profile and slip rating. Then it’s time to hone in on the specifics:

  1. Selecting pool coping and coping profile – this can be influenced by the design, pre-existing site conditions, price and timing. There are a number of options such as a 30mm bullnose or pencil-round profile, an L-shaped coping with a drop edge, for example the drop edge can be up to 75mm or, where time permits, a custom sized or curved coping can be sourced from one of our suppliers.
  2. Tile or paver selection – when installing natural stone tiles or pavers it is recommended to ‘blend’ tiles from all crates prior to fixing to ensure an aesthetically pleasing job. As mentioned tiles are quarried and each has its own unique character resulting in colour and markings that vary from within a tile and from tile to tile.
  3. Larger format tiles – where a client’s preference is a larger format tile, careful consideration needs to be given to installation. For example, lifting a 40mm thick stone in a larger format is a two-person job for each and every piece.
  4. Adhesives – it is important to use an adhesive specifically designed for natural stone and take into consideration the type of substrate it will be laid on. Moisture sensitive stone like limestone will not be compatible with certain adhesives.
  5. Sealing – to look after your pool coping and tiles it is recommended to seal natural stone to guard from staining and to make cleaning easier. Check with your supplier to see how many coats of sealer are recommended. Specially formulated sealers for salt water pools are available.
  6. Slip rating and surface finish for wet areas around pools should also be considered during the planning phase.

Sareen Stone offers a customised design and sourcing service providing clients access to natural stone in various sizes and finishes. Lead time needs to be taken into consideration when ordering customised stone.

If you have any questions about your project needs, please contact one of our Natural Stone Specialists on 02 9666 9222.

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