Cobblestones are durable and long-lasting by nature, easy to install and maintain, and ideal for high traffic areas, adding character and old style charm.

What Are Cobblestones?

Cobblestones are naturally rounded stones, bigger than a pebble and smaller than a boulder.

Cobbles are natural building material used in paving streets and roads, or in construction and decorating buildings, walls and fireplace hearths.

Many older towns and cities in Europe are still paved with Cobblestones. For centuries, they have been able to withstand heavy traffic.

The construction prevents the build-up of ruts and immediately drains the water, which prevents the roads from getting muddy and dusty. 

Old-World Appeal

Ideal for driveways and outdoor areas in both residential and commercial projects, Cobblestones provide an old-world appeal to any space.

Made from Granite, they are also durable and long-lasting by nature, as well as easy to install and very low maintenance, making them suitable for a variety of high traffic areas.

Cobblestones are a popular choice for homeowners looking to capitalize on the old-world charm and can be considered a more “upmarket” solution for roads, adding a unique and artistic touch to any pathway.

For residential projects, they are used to create pathways in the front and backyards s well as retaining walls for gardening. Cobblestones are also increasingly used to create original unique patterns.

Sydney’s Experts in Cobblestones

Are you working on a project and need to find the perfect stone for your driveway or outdoor area? Whether it’s for commercial or residential property, our cobblestones provide a sturdy, simple, everyday beauty for your project.

Sareen Stone provide premium cobblestones throughout the Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane metropolitan areas. Our range:

Autumn Blend Quartzite Cobblestones – a mix of colours that bring warmth to outdoor areas

Charcoal Granite Cobblestones – our best selling cobblestones, available in a stunning grey finish

Silhouette Grey Granite Cobblestones – an eye-catching mid-grey coloured stone

For expert advice, get in touch with our natural stone specialists.

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