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11 September 2018


In this handy step by step guide, thanks to the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA), we explain how to get your pool looking spectacular and ready for the busy swimming months ahead will get things back into shape. Print it out or save to your notes page on the phone so that it’s forever at your fingertips.
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Pool season is pretty much here. We say ‘bring it on!’.

Maintaining Your Pool During Spring & Summer

  • Thoroughly clean the pool and vacuum the walls and floor
  • Check the pump is working properly and organise a full pool equipment service by a licensed pool and spa technician
  • Check or replace fittings and check for leaks
  • Check the chlorine and pH levels every two weeks
  • Empty the skimmer basket when full
  • Occasionally check the water level is halfway up the skimmer box opening
  • Occasionally check the pressure gauge on the filter is not indicating ‘backwash’
  • Turn the pool lights on for at least 30 minutes a week to prevent build-up of moisture within the light and wiring
pool maintenance

Maintaining Your Pool Surrounds

Clean your Natural Stone Pavers and Tiles

This time of the year, is also a great time to clean your natural stone tiles, pavers and pool coping around your pool. STONETECH® Professional Stone and Tile Cleaner is a gentle formula daily cleaner that will clean ceramic and porcelain tiles as well as all natural stone. STONETECH® Professional Stone and Tile Cleaner is available in both ready-to-use and concentrate formulas.

  • Daily maintenance cleaner
  • Neutral pH, gentle formula
  • Great for benchtops, stone and ceramic tile floors
  • Clean scent

Reseal Your Natural Stone Pavers and Tiles

Resealing your natural stone on a regular basis will ensure your natural stone will be protected and your outdoor space and pool surrounds will look fabulous all year round. The seal and protect range of natural stone sealers from STONETECH®  will have a sealer that is perfect for your outdoor flooring and pool surrounds. 

Contact our knowledgeable staff to help you select the best sealer for your space.

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