Design Style Series

Be inspired and explore different design styles that you can utilise in order to achieve a desired look for your project.

japandi design
Design Style Series

Japandi Interior Design Style

Japandi is an emerging design style that has become increasingly popular during the past year. As the name suggests, it is an intersection of Japanese and Scandinavian design styles.

Design Style Series

Hygge Interior Design Style

Hygge, pronounced ‘hue-gah’ is a way of life in Denmark. In essence Hygge brings focus to the simple things such as your daily well being and living in the present.

bohemian style living
Design Style Series

Bohemian Interior Design Style

Bohemian design never really went out of style but it is certainly enjoying a resurgence right now. Artistic, unconventional and earthy, inspired by a nomadic lifestyle this imaginative and colourful design style allows the freedom to mix and match all your beloved pieces with no strict rule or limits attached.

french provincial style
Design Style Series

French Provincial Interior Design Style

Lavish, luxe and loved. Three words to describe French provincial style which originated in the 1700’s. Originating as the style of the wealthy, think French country manor, it was emulated by the not so wealthy. The result is where the luxe and ornate intersects with organic, rustic charm.

scandinavian style
Design Style Series

Scandinavian Interior Design Style

What is it about Scandinavian style that makes it still ever so popular? Over the last 10 years ‘Scandi’ style has found its place in the design style files more and more.

modern style
Design Style Series

Modern Interior Design Style

As opposed to contemporary, modern style encompasses design that has its focus squarely on function and innovation. Confusion can reign however, because modern style can incorporate contemporary elements.

hampton style
Design Style Series

Hampton Interior Design Style

Escape to the Hamptons, Long Island, New York where cool, sophisticated beach style is common place.

industrial look restaurant
Design Style Series

The Industrial Interior Design Style

The Industrial Look is no longer limited to lofts and refurbished warehouse apartments. Its popularity now spans not only residential design but also commercial and retail spaces. When it comes to industrial style, simplicity and functionality are the order of the day.