Wall Cladding embraces the natural variation of stone and creates a charming yet urban look with a unique finish.

What Is Wall Cladding?

Wall Cladding is a layer of stone applied to an outdoor or indoor wall as a part of the architectural design.

The Wall Cladding embraces the variation of natural stone where no two pieces are the same. As a result, stone Wall Cladding creates a unique one-of-a-kind finish.

Whether you want your home to stand out on the street or add a dominant feature wall in your living room, Wall Cladding offers a range of exciting options. Natural stone makes for an extremely durable type of Wall Cladding and is suitable for a variety of projects.

Wall Cladding Benefits

Apart from creating a charming yet urban look for your project, opting for a stone wall from Sareen Stone comes with other significant benefits. Apart from the appearance and the appealing natural texture, the stone wall is also sturdy and long-lasting.

At Sareen Stone, we supply tiles cut in set sizes which ensure the ease of installation.

We also offer a range of Cladding that come in random pieces and shapes, which present an exciting opportunity for versatility and unique design across a variety of internal as well as external applications.

Natural Stone Cladding Specialists

At Sareen Stone, we offer an array of stone cladding options made from Sandstone, Granite, Marble, Quartzite or Limestone to suit your vision:

Hotham Wall Cladding – random sized stone Cladding with light to mid grey tones and warm highlights.

Summit Wall Cladding – random, loose, split face stones that are big and hearty. Perfect for a unique and distinctive design.

Cotswold – sesame coloured stone with dark rust coloured accents create a classic European look but complement any modern architectural design.

and more…

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