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Natural Stone Trends in Cobblestone Driveways

Using premium natural stone for driveways makes for a durable, charming, and organic lived-in look and feel. Explore Cobblestones for a Classic Driveway, Crazy Paving for Mid-Century Style, or Filetti for the One-of-a-Kind Driveway.

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Outdoor Retreat Design Style

The alfresco area in a retreat design style is an extension of the living space, and serves as the tranquil weekend getaway destination. You are transported into your ultimate retreat as you step into your outdoor living space.

Latest Trends

Paving Pedestals: Should You Use Them?

Using pedestal support which raises the tiles or pavers off the existing surface is becoming more popular because of the long term benefits this system provides.

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Latest Trends

Trend Alert: Beige on Beige

Beige and neutrals are no longer relegated to ‘wallflower’ status but are preparing for their time in the sun if this trend prediction is realised.