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Outdoor Retreat Design Style

The alfresco area in a retreat design style is an extension of the living space, and serves as the tranquil weekend getaway destination. You are transported into your ultimate retreat as you step into your outdoor living space.
outdoor living inspiration
Design Inspiration

Outdoor Living Ideas

Turning your backyard into a personal oasis can transform your home. Natural stone is a popular choice for gardens and landscaping projects and the selection will depend on your requirements and design style.

cobblestones driveway
Design Inspiration

Driveway Ideas

Cobblestones are one of the most popular choices for driveways. This is because of their high compressive strength, ability to withstand heavy traffic and the test of time. They have been used to pave the piazzas and streets of Europe back in the 3rd century and they still survive today.

feature walls design inspiration
Design Inspiration

Feature Wall Ideas

Use Wall Cladding to create a unique feature wall for your garden, eye-catching exterior entrance, resort-style addition to your pool design, or a one-of-a-kind touch to your interiors. Or select natural stone tiles to add an organic look and a visual interest with natural variation to your feature walls.

cotswold wall cladding fireplace
Design Inspiration

Fireplace Ideas

Using natural stone for your fireplace will provide this aspect of your home with a bespoke and organic look that connects with nature. Besides the visual benefits, natural stone can also absorb, store and radiate heat, allowing the heat from the fireplace to radiate throughout your room or alfresco area. 

limestone pool inspiration
Design Inspiration

Pool Ideas

Natural stone pavers and pool coping can enhance your pool design, and provide functional benefits, such as a safer environment around the pool. There are a variety of natural stone products with a suitable finish that can be used outdoors and around pools, including Limestone, Travertine, Granite, Sandstone, or porcelain.

pietra grey marble kitchen
Design Inspiration

Kitchen Ideas

The kitchen is one of the spaces where selecting natural stone is a common choice that can elevate your design and add a touch of exclusivity to the room.  While natural stone is often used for benchtops, you can also install stone on the floors or as a feature wall in your kitchen. 

entry commercial
Design Inspiration

Commercial Projects

Working in direct partnership with architects, interior designers, landscape architects and builders on commercial projects, we supply natural stone and other materials for office spaces, hospitality venues, retail spaces, schools, recreational resorts and hotels.

bathroom inspiration
Design Inspiration

Bathroom Ideas

The selected tiles are the key design element of any bathroom, determining the overall look. Natural stone is a suitable product, despite the wet environment and if the product is properly sealed and maintained, it provides an everlasting look.

interiors alba apartments
Design Inspiration

Indoor Living Ideas

The time when natural stone was only used for outdoor areas is long gone. Architects and designers love to use this material for all the interior spaces – including living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, laundries or bathrooms. 

japandi design
Design Style Series

Japandi Design Style

Japandi is an emerging design style that has become increasingly popular during the past year. As the name suggests, it is an intersection of Japanese and Scandinavian design styles.

porphyry crazy paving
Understanding Stone

Porphyry Stone: Paving Tradition that Lasts Centuries

The two newest additions to our range have just arrived, Porphyry stone Filetti and Crazy Paving. In this article, we’ll learn more about tradition, history, versatility, symbolism, benefits and common uses of Porphyry.

cobblestones lanndscape design
Guides and How To’s

Do I Need a Landscape Designer?

If you’re planning to renovate your garden, you’ve probably asked yourself: Do I need a landscape designer? In this article, we dive deep into the reasons and benefits of hiring a landscape designer.

pietra grey marble bathroom
Guides and How To’s

Can I Use Natural Stone in a Shower?

Natural stone is a timeless material of unparalleled beauty that has been used in architecture for centuries. With its unique natural variation, it can bring visual interest to any space. But can you use natural stone in the shower?

outdoor pool sandstone

Pool Building Season Guide with Gary

If you want to be swimming in your pool during the summer festive season, it’s a good idea to start building it during the winter months. Gary Bazzana, our outdoor specialist, gives us a rundown of everything you need to know this pool building season.

why choose natural stone
Understanding Stone

9 Reasons To Choose Natural Stone

Natural stone is a material that has been used in architecture for centuries. Apart from its high design value and the unique natural variation, there are many other reasons why to choose natural stone for your project.

limestone vs travertine
Understanding Stone

Limestone vs. Travertine: Which One Is For You?

In this article, we answer one of the most frequently asked questions and talk about differences and similarities between two of the most popular natural stones in architecture and interior design, Limestone and Travertine.