Stone in Focus

Introducing new products, shining a spotlight on our bestsellers as well as unveiling hidden gems within our range.

Stone in Focus

Terrazzo: A Timeless Design Icon

Terrazzo, a versatile material known for its strength and beauty, is captivating architects and homeowners alike. Combining the durability of concrete with the aesthetics of natural semi-precious stone fragments, it offers a unique design solution.

A living room with a flower, table with chair, and a glass sliding door
Stone in Focus

Santa Fe Limestone: A Sophisticated Design Solution

Transform your space with the exquisite beauty of natural stone. Santa Fe Limestone – a sophisticated blend of coastal inspiration and durability. This masterpiece offers a serene and versatile solution to any design project with its lightly veined cream tones.

A Piha lounger stone design around by elegance stone with a pool in the right corner.
Stone in Focus

Discover our Top Trends of 2023

Explore the world of stone elegance with our top trends of 2023. From the sophistication of Crema Vialle Limestone to the unmatched versatility of Ocean Grey Granite, each stone unveils a unique story of design excellence. Join us on a journey through our client’s favourites, exploring rich textures, and the harmonious integration of indoor and outdoor spaces.

A beautiful interior design of a penhouse with a sofa and pillows. A glass sliding door.
Stone in Focus

Sareen Stone’s 2023 Highlights

Reflecting on 2023, Sareen Stone is thrilled to share the highlights that made this year exceptional. From the moments we cherished to the introduction of exciting products, and showcase our top 5 projects. Join us in celebrating a year filled with innovation, inspiration, and accomplishments.

Stone in Focus

2022…The Year that Was at Sareen Stone

Sareen Stone’s highlight of 2022 was collaborating with our clients on their design projects to bring their vision to life and seeing our premium natural stone elevated in residential and commercial spaces.

Stone in Focus

Product in Focus: Cobblestones

Sareen Stone’s premium cobblestones create beautiful, organic, durable, undulating driveways and coordinated garden paths to maximise street appeal and property value. Available on mesh sheets, or loose or fanned by custom order, our cobblestones range offers an array of stone types and textures for residential and commercial designs.

tasman marble
Stone in Focus

Tasman Marble – Not Your Usual Marble 

The Tasman Marble is a beautiful light grey natural stone with subtle veining in a tumbled finish, with qualities that you wouldn’t expect from a Marble, making it one of our favourite latest additions to our natural stone range. Learn more about it in this article.

tuscan gris limestone story
Stone in Focus

The Story Behind Tuscan Gris Limestone

We are excited about the latest addition to our product range, the Tuscan Gris Limestone, and we want to share our journey that led us to this product.

Stone in Focus

2021 Year In Review

We’ve had a busy year at Sareen Stone. We launched the new website, had a showroom refresh, completed multiple stunning projects, and added new products to our range. In this article, we look back at the year 2021 at Sareen Stone.

Stone in Focus

Tile Trends: Terrazzo

While the history of the Terrazzo can be traced back to the pavements of 18th Century Venice, this longstanding traditional tile has enjoyed a recent renaissance in architectural projects across Australia.

cathedral limestone alfresco
Stone in Focus

Natural Stone Alfresco Range Grows

The outdoor room has come of age and with this new status greater demand for well designed, high spec outdoor spaces has been on the up. In response to this demand, Sareen Stone’s Alfresco range of natural stone has grown to include 6 products across the granite, limestone and sandstone ranges.

Stone in Focus

Brand New Tavira Limestone Arrives

We are very excited to introduce two new limestone tiles to our ever-expanding range of limestone tiles and pavers. We have just had a sneak peak in the warehouse and both new limestones look gorgeous.

Stone in Focus

More Than Natural Stone

Sareen Stone is a prestige supplier of beautiful natural stone, each piece with its own unique character ensuring a truly individual result. What you may not know is that Sareen Stone also offers clients a range of quality porcelain and ceramic tiles.