Pools, Pavers and Coping

Be informed to design and create your own outdoor living oasis, and learn about Sareen Stone’s alfresco natural stone pool tiles, pool coping, and accessories.

Pools, Pavers and Coping

Pool Coping 101

Pool Coping is used around the edge of in-ground pools and other swimming pools. If you are in the water and holding the side of the pool you will be holding on to the coping tiles or pavers. Likewise if you are dangling your feet in the water chances are you are sitting on the pool coping.

limestone pool inspiration
Pools, Pavers and Coping

Pool Inspiration and Ideas

Natural stone pavers and pool coping can enhance your pool design, and provide functional benefits, such as a safer environment around the pool. There are a variety of natural stone products with a suitable finish that can be used outdoors and around pools, including Limestone, Travertine, Granite, Sandstone, or porcelain.

Pools, Pavers and Coping

Pool Building Season Guide with Gary

If you want to be swimming in your pool during the summer festive season, it’s a good idea to start building it during the winter months. Gary Bazzana, our outdoor specialist, gives us a rundown of everything you need to know this pool building season.

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Pools, Pavers and Coping

Pool Landscaping Trends & Accessories

With pool season almost upon us, this month we dive into our most popular poolside products and latest trends to help you build the best backyard oasis.

handling stone around pools
Pools, Pavers and Coping

Handling Natural Stone Around Pools

Each piece of natural stone displays the markings of its formation history so no two pieces will be the same. This is the first thing to understand when selecting natural stone for any project including stone around pools.

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Pools, Pavers and Coping

Ready Set Swim!

In this handy step by step guide, thanks to the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA), we explain how to get your pool looking spectacular and ready for the busy swimming months ahead will get things back into shape. Print it out or save to your notes page on the phone so that it’s forever at your fingertips.

salt water pool
Pools, Pavers and Coping

Stone and Salt Water Pools

Salt water pools are the pool of choice in Australia. When it comes to protecting your pool, natural stone pool coping and surrounds such as sandstone, granite, limestone or travertine are both beautiful and functional. However, care needs to be taken for your stone pool surrounds of a saltwater pool as stone is porous and salt is a corrosive agent that can be particularly damaging if it penetrates the stone.

Pools, Pavers and Coping

New Drop Downs Make a Splash!

A number of landscapers and architects have now discovered the benefits of installing Sareen Stone’s innovative dropdown pavers and as a result our new dropdowns are certainly starting to make a splash!

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Pools, Pavers and Coping

The 3 [Important] Reasons Why You Need Pool Coping

Essentially pool coping is the cap for a pool’s edge and is an important consideration when planning to build your pool. Pool coping is the first round of tiles or pavers that encircles your pool. The pool coping is laid out to the bond beam & from there your paving, tiles or decking can then be installed.

pool heating natural stone
Pools, Pavers and Coping

Pool Heating Options to Extend Your Swim Season

Your pool is a big investment. At best, many of us only get 50% of the year to use it. How to heat your pool to extend your swim season, will essentially come down to answering the following 3 questions.

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Pools, Pavers and Coping

Pool Smarts Part 2 | Create Maximum Design Appeal

You’ve seen those gorgeous pools in the pages of the glossy magazines and on television shows about the rich and famous but now it’s your turn. How will you get just what you want and make it absolutely perfect?

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Pools, Pavers and Coping

Pool Smarts Part 1 | Planning Your Pool

So it’s decided. Summer isn’t far away and you really want to put a pool in at your place. If you’re a novice at this pool building business then read on.