Our range of adhesives, glues and grouts are specifically designed for use with natural stone to ensure the best possible result for your project.

When installing natural stone, it is imperative that the correct system is followed and the right products are used to ensure you receive the best possible result for your project. Our range of adhesives, glues and grouts are specifically designed for use with natural stone. All natural stone is porous to some degree, therefore a moisture sensitive adhesive must be used.

Laticrete 335 Rapid Premium Flexible Adhesive

A premium, flexible, high performance, rapid setting thin-bed adhesive, suitable for installing a wide range of tiles and stone including low absorption ceramic tile, porcelain tile, natural and manufactured stone using thin-set method of installation.

Excellent for exterior, cold-weather and underwater applications due to its superior bond to masonry and it exceeds the requirements of AS4992.1 and AS4992.2 classification C2TFS1


  • Interior and exterior use
  • Excellent for cold weather applications
  • Grout and open to traffic in 4 hours
  • High performance flexible cement-based adhesive
  • High tack, non sag
  • Easy to use – plastic and workable


MVIS™ Veneer Mortar

A patented, versatile, polymer fortified mortar, designed specifically for the installation of adhered masonry veneer, stone and thin brick and ideal for both commercial and residential installations.

A high performance for vertical installations, with maximum bond strength to veneers and substrate and exceptional workability and productivity.


  • Non sag performance
  • Mixes only with water
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth, easy to apply
  • GREENGUARD certified low VOC’s


Laticrete Ultra X8 Polymer Fortified Flexible Adhesive

Creamy and smooth to trowel thin-set adhesive, suitable for installing all types of tile and stone over a wide range of surfaces.

Mix with water, or for additional strength and performance, combine with Laticrete latex admixtures for installing porcelain, vitrified, ceramic and stone tiles on floors and walls in both internal and external areas.

A unique fibre reinforcing adds workability, flexibility and reduces slump and shrinkage of the adhesive, suitable for use on cement sheet, suitable waterproof membranes, renders, screeds and masonry surfaces.


  • Creamy
  • Long open time
  • Non-sag
  • Interior and exterior application
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Very good impact resistance


Laticrete Multimastic Premium Adhesive

A white, non-flammable, ready to use latex adhesive, designed for interior installations of ceramic tile and natural stone on both floors and walls. Pre-mixed, creamy and smooth, this water-resistant adhesive is ideal for installations over cement backer board, gypsum wallboard and plywood.

Designed for the installation of ceramic tile on interior floors and walls, it features a special non-slump formula that allows the tiler to hang a tile without the need for spacers. Cures to a clean, white colour, making it suitable for light coloured and white ceramic tile and grouts.


  • High Tack
  • Creamy easy to use formulation
  • Superior workability
  • Non Slip
  • Green Certified for Low VOCs


Laticrete Permacolor® Grout

Advanced high performance cement grout that offers the industry’s first dispersible dry pigment solution. Provides a dense and hard grout joint that will resist cracking and offers optimum performance on the most demanding exterior or interior applications.

Designed for virtually all types of residential and commercial installations, it’s easy to mix, grout and clean, fast setting and suitable for joints 1.5mm – 12mm wide on floors or walls.


  • Improved stain resistance
  • Consistent colour – resists efflorescence
  • Easy install – just mix with water
  • Fast setting
  • GREENGUARD Certified low VOC’s
  • Equipped with Anti-Microbial protection


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