Stone and Salt Water Pools

28 June 2017


Salt water pools are the pool of choice in Australia. When it comes to protecting your pool, natural stone pool coping and surrounds such as sandstone, granite, limestone or travertine are both beautiful and functional. However, care needs to be taken for your stone pool surrounds of a saltwater pool as stone is porous and salt is a corrosive agent that can be particularly damaging if it penetrates the stone.
salt water pool

If salt penetrates the stone it will crystallise and expand causing pitting, spalling and possibly cracking of the stone.

STONETECH® Salt Water Resistant Sealer

STONETECH® Salt Water Resistant Sealera high performing, water-based sealer, was specifically developed to protect natural stone and masonry surfaces, including concrete, around salt water pools and in coastal locations. You can be confident that this sealer will protect against splashing and spilling of saltwater onto your natural stone.

If salt penetrates the stone it will crystallise and expand causing pitting, spalling and possibly cracking of the stone. While the damage will look unsightly more importantly it critically compromises the function of the stone to protect your pool’s edge and its exterior.

According to just on 80% of all swimming pools in Australia are saltwater pools. It should be no surprise that Australia leads the world here as the technology was designed in Australia back in the 1960s. It seems we’ve been ahead of the game for decades.

The advantages of a saltwater pool over a traditional chlorine pool are well documented. The health benefits of a saltwater pool are particularly compelling. But be aware that professional products and diligent care for your pool surrounds and equipment are paramount if you intend to utilise your saltwater pool for many years to come.

Even if you don’t have a saltwater pool but live in a coastal location consider using STONETECH® Salt Water Resistant Sealer on hard floor and wall surfaces to prevent salt damage. Regular and adequate maintenance of your natural stone or masonry surfaces is imperative.

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