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Natural Stone Or Porcelain: Which One Is A Better Fit For Your Project?

This article will look at the differences between using natural stone or porcelain to make you confident in determining which material will be more suitable for your installation.
travertine alfresco
Understanding Stone

Filling the holes in tumbled travertine

To fill or not to fill, when it comes to travertine – that is the question! Our outdoor stone specialist, Gary Bazzana, explains why our customers usually fill in the holes in the travertine when using travertine outdoors.

natural stone quarry
Understanding Stone

How do we select our stone?

As importers and suppliers of natural stone our team regularly visits stone quarries throughout the world. But, how do we choose the right block from a quarry, how is it processed and how does that block of stone find its way to our warehouse?

pool coping natural stone

Ready Set Swim!

In this handy step by step guide, thanks to the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA), we explain how to get your pool looking spectacular and ready for the busy swimming months ahead will get things back into shape. Print it out or save to your notes page on the phone so that it’s forever at your fingertips.

Design Series


Hygge, pronounced ‘hue-gah’ is a way of life in Denmark. In essence Hygge brings focus to the simple things such as your daily well being and living in the present.

Understanding Stone

Cobblestones – Thickness Matters

All cobblestones are not created equal and that is why we only import quality cobblestones that are at least 30mm thick, to ensure they will be durable enough to withstand heavy vehicle traffic for peace of mind in outdoor areas such as commercial spaces, paths and driveways.

glues and ahesives
Understanding Stone

Glues, grouts and adhesives

Getting the job right the first time, saves you time and money and more importantly means a first-class job and a happy client.

bohemian style living
Design Series

Bohemian Style

Bohemian design never really went out of style but it is certainly enjoying a resurgence right now. Artistic, unconventional and earthy, inspired by a nomadic lifestyle this imaginative and colourful design style allows the freedom to mix and match all your beloved pieces with no strict rule or limits attached.

alfresco natural stone
Understanding Stone

Alfresco Tiles, Pavers & Treads

Sareen Stone’s range of Alfresco outdoor tiles, pavers and step treads takes life outside. As the name suggests, it epitomises everything that is the outdoors.

silver ash tumbled travertine
Understanding Stone

Tumbled Stone

In our new ‘Understanding Stone’ series we start by explaining the what, how, where and why of tumbled stone. A type of finish to natural stone, stone is tumbled to simulate age and wear and will give a beautiful soft patina.

french provincial style
Design Series

French Provincial

Lavish, luxe and loved. Three words to describe French provincial style which originated in the 1700’s. Originating as the style of the wealthy, think French country manor, it was emulated by the not so wealthy. The result is where the luxe and ornate intersects with organic, rustic charm.

scandinavian style
Design Series

Scandinavian Style

What is it about Scandinavian style that makes it still ever so popular? Over the last 10 years ‘Scandi’ style has found its place in the design style files more and more.

traditional style
Design Series


When it comes to traditional design there is always plenty of history involved. Stately homes in the tradition of Federation, cottage or Victorian style homes including terraces with fretwork, ornate cornice and opaque lighting all come to mind.

modern style
Design Series

Modern Style

As opposed to contemporary, modern style encompasses design that has its focus squarely on function and innovation. Confusion can reign however, because modern style can incorporate contemporary elements.

hampton style
Design Series

Hampton Style

Escape to the Hamptons, Long Island, New York where cool, sophisticated beach style is common place.

sealing green square
Caring for Natural Stone

Sealing Green Square

Green Square was once the industrial edge of Sydney’s south. Today it is being revitalized into a vibrant global village and Sid Hammoud from Sydney Brick Paving Company has been working in the thick of it!

industrial look restaurant
Design Series

The Industrial Look

The Industrial Look is no longer limited to lofts and refurbished warehouse apartments. Its popularity now spans not only residential design but also commercial and retail spaces. When it comes to industrial style, simplicity and functionality are the order of the day.

salt water pool

Stone and Salt Water Pools

Salt water pools are the pool of choice in Australia. When it comes to protecting your pool, natural stone pool coping and surrounds such as sandstone, granite, limestone or travertine are both beautiful and functional. However, care needs to be taken for your stone pool surrounds of a saltwater pool as stone is porous and salt is a corrosive agent that can be particularly damaging if it penetrates the stone.


New Drop downs make a Splash!

A number of landscapers and architects have now discovered the benefits of installing Sareen Stone’s innovative dropdown pavers and as a result our new dropdowns are certainly starting to make a splash!

Caring for Natural Stone

Transform Your Stone

STONTECH Enhancer Pro is a sealer for natural stone with a textured, tumbled, honed or flamed finish. It can be used on limestone, slate, travertine, granite, marble, basalt/bluestone, sandstone and cobblestones. StoneTech Enhancer Pro can also be used on grout, masonry and concrete. It is perfect for high traffic areas in both commercial and residential projects.