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Our mission is to educate and provide information on trends and styles, understanding stone, and useful tips from our case studies.

Outdoor Living Ideas

Turning your backyard into a personal oasis can transform your home. Natural stone is a popular choice for gardens and landscaping projects and the selection will depend on your requirements and design style.
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Guides and How To’s

How to Create the Perfect Alfresco Area?

With summer being around the corner, we will be spending more and more time outdoors. You’ve perfected the design of your interiors but you’re wondering what to do with your outdoor space?

Latest Trends

Bathroom and Laundry Tiles

Environments like bathrooms and laundries are prone to moisture, which means it’s even more important to select the right natural stone or porcelain tile that not only looks great but will last well into the future.

pool trends
Latest Trends

Pool Landscaping Trends & Accessories

With pool season almost upon us, this month we dive into our most popular poolside products and latest trends to help you build the best backyard oasis.

Latest Trends

Trends: Terrazzo Tile And Slab

The Terrazzo trend has returned – and we love it! This classic Tuscan tile with a contemporary twist has been added to our range of floor and wall tiles.

wall cladding
Understanding Stone

Wall Cladding – The what, why and where

Stone wall cladding is an affordable, stylish option for a range of residential and commercial projects, from feature walls and columns to fireplace surrounds to something completely unique.

limestone outdoor
Understanding Stone

Limestone Moves Outdoors

Your client loves limestone and wants to use it indoors and out. You know all limestones are beautiful – soothing, relaxing and soft to walk on, but you also know that not all limestones are suitable for outdoors. Sareen Stone’s Alfresco range of Limestones offers the solution.

granite look
Understanding Stone

Granite vs Granite lookalikes

This week we compare natural granite to porcelain granite lookalikes. You might be surprised to find out that all is not what it may seem!

pool coping

Pool Coping 101

Pool coping is used around the edge of in ground and other swimming pools. If you are in the water and holding the side of the pool you will be holding on to the coping tiles or pavers. Likewise if you are dangling your feet in the water chances are you are sitting on the pool coping.

handling stone around pools
Understanding Stone

Handling stone around the pools

Each piece of natural stone displays the markings of its formation history so no two pieces will be the same. This is the first thing to understand when selecting natural stone for any project including stone around pools.

travertine alfresco
Understanding Stone

Filling the holes in tumbled travertine

To fill or not to fill, when it comes to travertine – that is the question! Our outdoor stone specialist, Gary Bazzana, explains why our customers usually fill in the holes in the travertine when using travertine outdoors.

natural stone quarry
Understanding Stone

How do we select our stone?

As importers and suppliers of natural stone our team regularly visits stone quarries throughout the world. But, how do we choose the right block from a quarry, how is it processed and how does that block of stone find its way to our warehouse?

granite pool

Ready Set Swim!

In this handy step by step guide, thanks to the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA), we explain how to get your pool looking spectacular and ready for the busy swimming months ahead will get things back into shape. Print it out or save to your notes page on the phone so that it’s forever at your fingertips.

Design Style Series


Hygge, pronounced ‘hue-gah’ is a way of life in Denmark. In essence Hygge brings focus to the simple things such as your daily well being and living in the present.

Understanding Stone

Cobblestones – Thickness Matters

All cobblestones are not created equal and that is why we only import quality cobblestones that are at least 30mm thick, to ensure they will be durable enough to withstand heavy vehicle traffic for peace of mind in outdoor areas such as commercial spaces, paths and driveways.

glues and ahesives
Understanding Stone

Glues, grouts and adhesives

Getting the job right the first time, saves you time and money and more importantly means a first-class job and a happy client.

bohemian style living
Design Style Series

Bohemian Style

Bohemian design never really went out of style but it is certainly enjoying a resurgence right now. Artistic, unconventional and earthy, inspired by a nomadic lifestyle this imaginative and colourful design style allows the freedom to mix and match all your beloved pieces with no strict rule or limits attached.

alfresco natural stone
Understanding Stone

Alfresco Tiles, Pavers & Treads

Sareen Stone’s range of Alfresco outdoor tiles, pavers and step treads takes life outside. As the name suggests, it epitomises everything that is the outdoors.

silver ash tumbled travertine
Understanding Stone

Tumbled Stone

In our new ‘Understanding Stone’ series we start by explaining the what, how, where and why of tumbled stone. A type of finish to natural stone, stone is tumbled to simulate age and wear and will give a beautiful soft patina.

beige interior
Latest Trends

Trend Alert: Beige on Beige for 2018

Beige and neutrals are no longer relegated to ‘wallflower’ status but are preparing for their time in the sun if this trend prediction is realised.