Planning your pool, pavers, and coping? Design and create your own unique oasis, select from our range of alfresco natural stone pool tiles, pool coping, and accessories.

Natural Stone Suitable for Pools

Our natural stone tiles and pavers, step-treads, pool copings and skimmer lids, will help to create the perfect design and functionality for your pool area. Our range of natural stone suitable for pools includes Limestone, Travertine, Granite and Sandstone.

As an importer of quality natural stone, Sareen Stone guides you in selecting the most suitable type of stone for your outdoor space. If you are considering feature walls within your landscape design, check out our range of Wall Claddings.

Pool Coping

The choice of coping can greatly enhance or detract from the look of your project and can increase the safety and comfort of pool users.

Why Pool Coping is Important

The coping overhangs the pool slightly to assist in reducing the amount of water that splashes from the pool, saving you water and money over time. The pool coping will cover and protect the bond beam that prevents water from getting in behind the pool shell, maintaining the integrity of the pool’s structure.

Aesthetically, pool coping connects the pool to the surrounding outdoor space and the adjoining tiled or paved areas.

Pool coping is available in various profiles

Bullnose Profile Pool Coping
The edge is fully rounded on the edge of the stone for a more traditional or heritage look.
Pencil Round Profile Pool Coping
The edge finish looks square from the front, has a rounded edge on the top and bottom, providing a more contemporary aesthetic.
Dropdown Edge Pool Coping
A solid piece of stone between 50mm to 75mm gives a strong architectural look to the popular modern rectangular-shaped pool.

Skimmer Lids

Sareen Stone supplies integrated skimmer lid kits to complement your pool design.

Why Skimmer Lids?

Sareen Stone’s outdoor natural stone range can be integrated into the skimmer lid kit allowing you to achieve a seamless and flush pool surround, without the unsightly plastic skimmer lid. The kit includes a stainless steel tray, paving matched stone insert and a stainless steel key.

Skimmer Lid Design
Your selected stone will be in-filled within a 2mm thick 316 marine grade stainless steel tray. The tray is designed to help prevent chips, cracks and possible breakage. A keyway slot is cut into the stone prior to assembly. Included is a key to unlock the skimmer lid ensuring the skimmer box is child safe.

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