Natural Stone in Indoor Living Design

23 February 2022


The time when natural stone was only used for outdoor areas is long gone. Architects and designers love to use this material for all the interior spaces - including living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, laundries or bathrooms. 
interiors alba apartments

The time when natural stone was only used for outdoor areas is long gone. Architects and designers love to use this material for all the interior spaces – including living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, laundries or bathrooms. 

Natural stone can bring a touch of exclusivity as well as an organic look to your interior space. 

The honed tiles, which are smoother than the ones with an alfresco finish, provide an inviting look, are comfortable to touch and have an attractive “matte” aesthetics. 

Using the tiles in the honed finish of the same stone that is used outdoors can create a seamless transition from the indoor to the outdoor space. 

Connect to the Outdoors with Limestone

Limestone tiles are a popular choice for interior living. They have a solid colour consistency, inviting look and an ability to soften the design of the space. 

Tavira Limestone

The Cobbittee Street project with Get Smart Landscaping utilized the Tavira Limestone throughout the whole indoor and outdoor area. This provided a unified look for the project as well as connected the space to the coastal surroundings through the sandy colour palette. 

tavira limestone interiors

Manhattan Limestone

Manhattan Limestone has the appearance of grey and white interwoven clouds with subtle veining and beautiful natural variation.

It is reminiscent of Marble in terms of design, which creates a luxurious aesthetic with a softer look, ideal for interior spaces. 

manhattan limestone interiors

Cathedral Limestone

Cathedral Alfresco Limestone comes with a tumbled edge to give it that ‘aged’ look and feel. The finish provides a beautiful texture, remains smooth underfoot and is durable and versatile. 

The large format tiles look stunning in both indoor and outdoor areas and are an effective way of optically enlarging the space. 

limestone interiors

Crema Marquina Limestone

Crema Marquina Limestone has a light colour with subtle fossil markings that create a delicate aesthetic suitable for a variety of design styles. 

crema marquina limestone stairs

Luna Chiaro Limestone

The consistent light grey colours with soft, muted tones and subtle markings of the Luna Chiaro Limestone makes it an attractive choice for contemporary design. 

Also available in an alfresco finish, the combination of the two can create a seamless flow from the inside out.

luna chiaro limestone living

Crema Vialle Limestone

An elegant cream coloured Crema Vialle Limestone provides soft undertones and beautiful rich texture. The Honed finish is available in the same large format as the Alfresco tile for a seamless transition from inside to outside. 

crema vialle limestone interior
crema vialle indoor outdoor

Show Off The Natural Variation with Travertine

Travertine is a classic choice for interiors that has been used in architecture for centuries. Its organic look, beige colour notes and stunning natural variation make this stone a great candidate suitable for a variety of designs. 

Silver Ash Premium Travertine 

This Travertine provides beautiful grey and tan colour tones that contrast well against light and dark fixtures and fittings. 

This Travertine is a perfect fit for those wanting to showcase the beautiful patterns and variation present in natural stone and will add a design statement to any space.

In this project with Mallinger Constructions, our Silver Ash Travertine was used for the alfresco as well as indoor areas, creating a fresh contemporary design and completely transforming the space.

travertine interior

First Choice Classic Travertine

Our Classic Travertine is one of the most popular choices for the interiors for its versatile light and natural colours that are easy to style with both dark design elements as well as vibrant pieces. Select the tiles in a French pattern to create additional visual interest in the room.

first choice travertine

Noce Travertine

If you’re looking to embrace a darker colour palette, the Noce Travertine presents a more dominant aesthetics. Vienna Design used our Noce in a French pattern on both the floors and feature walls in this Darlinghurst house

noce travertine interiors

Create Unique Interiors with Vein Cut Travertine 

Vein cut stone is when the slab is cut against the vein and the mineral deposits run along the length of the Travertine tiles. 

These mineral deposits create elegant highly visible stripes that contribute to a one of a kind design and connect the interiors to nature. One of our long-term clients TDDP Architects selected our Vein Cut Travertine for multiple projects, creating unique “work of art” interiors. 

travertine treehouse
travertine staircase

Embrace the Elegant Modernity with Granite

Granite, especially the lighter tiles such as our Silhouette Granite or Ocean Grey Granite, are becoming popular choices for modern interiors, creating bold aesthetics and complimenting a wide range of colour palettes. 

Since Granite is durable and extremely hardwearing, selecting this natural stone comes with easy maintenance. 

granite interiors

Create An Exclusive Look With Marble Look Porcelain Tiles

Marble lookalike porcelain tiles imitate the colours, veining and cloud effects of natural Marble with impressive realism. 

These tiles offer the elegance, exclusivity and style of Marble aesthetic in an affordable alternative that can create stunning detail in any living space.

Marble look porcelain tiles were used in the interior spaces of the Kings Langley house in collaboration with Chateau Architects + Builders.

porcelain interiors

Keep Up With Design Trends With Terrazzo

While in the past, Terrazzo used to be favoured for commercial spaces, spas, bathrooms, or hotel lobbies, there is a growing trend to use it for residential interiors. 

Terrazzo, made from Marble and Granite fragments in a cement base is a hard-wearing sustainable choice that adds a luxurious touch to your interiors.

We’re constantly responding to the increasing demand with the growing range of colours and options. Our range offers more colourful or neutral designs, large or small speckles, different sizes, and colour palettes to suit any design vision.

terrazzo interiors

Find Bespoke Design For Your Project Requirements With Our Custom Stone

If you have a specific design vision for your project, we are happy to source a different finish, size, or product outside of our range.

Santa Fe Limestone

For this project designed by Those Architects in the unique beachside location of Byron Bay, the client had a vision of a Limestone with soft and calming colours and sandy undertones.  

We sourced Santa Fe Limestone outside of our range that connects the house to the coastal location.

santa fe limestone

Azul Limestone

We sourced the Azul Limestone for the house transformation in the Grove project with Pacific Plus Constructions. This light grey modern Limestone was used to connect the interior space with the alfresco area as well as cut in the herringbone pattern to be used in bathrooms. 

the grove project

Concha Bonita Limestone

For this project in Killara with Toki Constructions and Jorge Hrdina Architects, the client desired a stone reminiscent of a French Limestone with natural colours and delicate textures. We sourced a new Concha Bonita Limestone in a unique “waterjet” finish.

custom limestone interiors
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