Natural Stone: The Heart of Australian Outdoor Spaces

28 June 2024


We recognize the profound bond Australians share with their outdoor spaces. There's no better way to transform a backyard into a retreat than by using the beauty of natural stone.

Natural stone isn’t just visually stunning; it whispers tales of time and nature.

At Sareen Stone, we understand the deep connection Australians have with their outdoor spaces. After all, what better way to create a backyard retreat than with the timeless elegance, beauty and enduring appeal of natural stone.  As a leading supplier of natural stone in Sydney, we have witnessed firsthand the transformative power it brings to landscape design and are passionate about helping you bring your dream outdoor space to life.

Nature’s Palette for Your Design

From the deep tones of Granite basking in the golden glow of a sunset to the cool greys and beiges of a Limestone walkway creating a sophisticated entrance, natural stone offers a vast palette to complement your design vision.

Beyond Beauty: Stone’s Strength

The beauty of natural stone extends beyond aesthetics. Its inherent durability makes it ideal for high-traffic areas, ensuring your outdoor space remains functional year-round. Even with an alfresco finish, natural stone’s inherent characteristics ensure fit-for-purpose anti-slip properties, providing a safe and stylish surface.

A Legacy in Stone

Natural stone isn’t just visually stunning; it whispers tales of time and nature. Unlike fleeting trends, a well-crafted stone wall or a path paved with cobblestones becomes a cherished feature of your outdoor area, aging gracefully alongside it. Here’s how our natural stone selection can transform your outdoor space:

Limestone: Offers a sophisticated yet classic look, with pavers and white stone wall cladding that create enduring elegance.

Granite: Incredibly durable and available in a variety of colours, Granite is perfect for high-traffic areas like patios and pathways.

Travertine: With its warm tones and natural textures, Travertine pavers add a touch of rustic charm to patios, pool surrounds, and water features.

Cobblestones: This ageless stone adds a touch of character and history to pathways, driveways, and outdoor edging.

Crazy Paving: Offers a unique, informal aesthetic that creates a relaxed and inviting atmosphere in outdoor spaces.

Filetti: These long irregular strips are perfect for adding detail to driveways, patios and garden paths.

Inspiring Ideas for Your Outdoor Spaces

We love helping our clients unlock the potential of their outdoor space with natural stone. Here are a few inspiring ideas to get you started:

Create a Stunning Focal Point: A natural stone water feature, like a cascading fountain or a koi pond, adds serenity and the calming sound of trickling water.

Retaining Walls: Natural stone walls form stunning visual barriers and provide essential structural support on sloping terrain.

Inviting Patios and Walkways: Natural stone patios craft the perfect space for entertaining, while stone walkways guide you through your outdoor space.

Cobblestones add a Rustic Charm: Perfect for pathways and driveways, infusing a hint of timeless character to your outdoor space.

Steps and Stairs: Natural stone steps add a touch of grandeur and provide safe access to different levels in your outdoor space.

Explore the possibilities with Sareen Stone

With our extensive range of natural stone and expert advice, we’ll ensure you find the perfect material to suit your style. Call, make an appointment or visit our showroom today and explore the countless possibilities for your outdoor space!

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