The 3 [Important] Reasons Why You Need Pool Coping

13 June 2016


Essentially pool coping is the cap for a pool’s edge and is an important consideration when planning to build your pool. Pool coping is the first round of tiles or pavers that encircles your pool. The pool coping is laid out to the bond beam & from there your paving, tiles or decking can then be installed.
pool coping natural stone

Below, we discuss why you need pool coping; the various types of natural stone pool coping; pool coping finishes; sizing of pool coping and how to protect your coping.

Pool Coping is essential for the following 3 reasons:


  1. Protection – pool coping offers protection to the pool shell. Water splashes hit the coping and are directed away from the pool itself, protecting the integrity of the pool and improving its potential lifespan.
  2. Safety – the pool coping makes for a smoother & safer entry into or exit from the pool.
  3. Decoration & Style – aesthetically the pool coping will add beauty and style to your pool landscape.

pool coping natural stone

Types of Pool Coping

Before choosing your pool coping consider what look you want, the colouring you prefer and the overhang or depth you want the coping to have.

There most popular types of pool coping are:

  1. Pencil round – this style of pool coping offers a contemporary look to your pool landscape.
  2. Bullnose – a more traditional, solid looking coping that has a rounded profile.
  3. Dropdown edge pencil round  – the latest style of pool coping that is growing in popularity.
  4. Square edge – occasionally clients use the square edge of a tumbled paver as coping.

pencil round pool coping

Pencil round coping

bullnose pool coping

Bullnose coping

dropdown edge

Dropdown edge pencil round Silhouette Grey granite

Sizing of Pool Coping

The size of the pool coping will depend on the type of stone you choose.


Click here to learn more about the sizing across Sareen Stone’s range of natural stone pool coping here. 

The most commonly used pool coping is 600x400mm or 400x400mm modules.

Other sizes can be ordered in with approximately 12 weeks lead time.

You will also need to decide on the depth of your coping – or what the overhang will look like.

All coping can be matched to a paver or tile to ensure consistency with your pool surrounds.

pool surrounds skimmer lid

Finishes of Pool Coping

To ensure you have made your pool area as safe as possible it is important to give serious consideration to the finish of the pavers or tiles you choose. While ensuring the pool area is beautiful, natural stone can also offer a practical solution around pools. Anti-slip tumbled or flamed finished tiles and pavers make for a wise choice.

At Sareen Stone, we offer slip ratings for many of our most popular stone products. You are always welcome to visit our Showroom to discuss your options with one of our knowledgeable Staff.

pool surrounds natural stone

Protecting your Pool Coping

All natural stone is porous to some extent. To protect your investment we recommend you seal your stone. If you are installing a saltwater pool, StoneTech® offers a Salt Water Resistant Sealer that will provide high performance, is water-based, and is suitable for porous tile, natural stone, concrete, terracotta, and grout.

Constant splashing of salt water onto porous stone and concrete, which are commonly used for decking and coping, can cause these surfaces to deteriorate. The saltwater from splash-outs penetrates into porous stone and concrete, causing pitting and flaking of the surface, also known as “spalling”.

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