Pool Smarts Part 3 | Finding The Right Pool Designer or Builder

22 June 2015


It’s worth taking the time to find a pool designer or builder that is right for you.
pool surrounds natural stone

Follow the useful list below to help you in your search of a pool designer or builder that is right for you.

  1. Research & locate a number of local pool builders & designers before you sign a contract. Meet with each of them to get an idea of their recent work, years of experience and customer service approach.
  2. Select at least 3 and request a no obligation quote from each one. That way you can identify which designer/builder will fulfil your brief and budget requirements the best.
  3. Establish what they can offer in regards to your ideas and budget. Check what their availability is & expected time frames for the scope of work.
  4. Find out if your builder also manages landscaping – if so, consider what they can offer you in completing both the pool installation and the landscaping.
  5. Check their credentials and that they are certified. Visit Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia (SPASA) http://www.spasa.com.au/ & click on the link to your State Association website to locate SPASA members.
  6. Check with the Department of Fair Trading in your state to ensure they are a reputable builder.
  7. Ask for a list of previous customers and their phone numbers and call a few of them for a reference. If possible check out a recent job they have completed.
  8. Review & understand thoroughly your state building codes & pool laws, as well as who will approve your pool plans, prior to signing the contract.
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