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15 June 2015


You’ve seen those gorgeous pools in the pages of the glossy magazines and on television shows about the rich and famous but now it’s your turn. How will you get just what you want and make it absolutely perfect?
pool surrounds

No doubt you’ve got lots of pool ideas in mind or at least you’ve seen lots of gorgeous outdoor spaces that are your inspiration. Now it’s time to hone in on what you want, can afford and what suits your space. For real!

Pool tiles and pavers add that final touch to the overall look and feel of your new pool; therefore choosing right the type of tile or paver around your pool is just as important as the overall design. The choice of tile or paver becomes integral to the overall design so having an idea of what you want at the start will certainly ensure you have a great looking pool when finished. The most popular natural stone choices for around a pool are; Travertine, Sandstone and Granite.


Travertine is the most popular natural stone in the marketplace. Both an incredibly beautiful and highly desirable natural stone, travertine is suited to both modern and classic environments making it the number one choice for pool and landscape design.

Travertine around a pool or spa can be applied in a tumbled or unfilled & honed finish. The most popular choice and pool builder favourite, is Sareen Stone’s Classic Travertine. This stone continues to be the number one choice for natural stone due to its classic beauty, its durability and its ability to complement almost any pool styling and landscape design.


Sandstone offers a stunningly warm, yet neutral colouring that complements the Australian landscape. Sandstone has become increasingly popular as a contrast to the beautiful shimmering blue of a new pool, while the textured look of veined sandstone provides a unique design affect. Sandstone is easily matched against other natural stones and surrounding green landscapes.

Sareen Stone’s Himalayan Anti-Slip Sandstone continues to be a favourite due to its 3-part Anti-Slip finish making it perfect for outdoor areas including swimming pools. Not only does it provide the relevant anti-slip properties required, it remains cool and gentle under-foot.


Granite is a traditional choice in pool tiles and paving as it is smooth and familiar. Yet each type of granite is intrinsically unique. Granite is also readily available in the market place and remains an ever-popular choice for the basic pool exterior.

Sareen Stone’s modern Atlantic Grey Granite is reminiscent of a marble with its veining and colouration – it readily catches the eye with its distinct grey colouring. Imported from China, Atlantic Grey Granite offers a smooth surface, without the need for filling. It creates a uniform tone and contemporary appearance perfect for current pool trends.

Atlantic Grey Granite is a versatile, extremely dense, hard stone which makes it a perfect choice for external applications, specifically in high traffic living areas and outdoor entertainment areas and pools.

Don’t forget to also give consideration to the existing exterior landscape surrounding your pool or spa. You will need to consider plant coverage, types of landscape materials such as natural stone and wall cladding and how it will look and affect the material used to build the pool.

For example, large overhanging trees within your overall design will result in leaves and debris falling into your pool. Salt water will affect your natural stone so you will need to ensure you seal your stone before and again after installation. Remember your building codes & pool laws – will your fencing fit and work with your landscaping design. Will you need to look at sewage and landscape excavation to complete your design?

You can also check out the Sareen Stone Pinterest page. Start thinking about the specific type of materials you would like to use in your design. There are plenty of styles and options to choose from. Take your ideas with you when meeting with your builder/designer so they have an idea of what you want and can discuss getting the look with your budget.

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