Light-filled Modern Elegance

21 April 2021


When a group of passionate builders, architects, and designers come together, there is no doubt it will result in an incredible finish. So was the case in the Killara project.
limestone living room

Toki Constructions teamed up with Jorge Hrdina Architects, the interior was finished by Lisa Burdus Interiors, Sareen Stone provided the natural stone and Anson Smart Photography captured the result. And we think it couldn’t have turned out better.

Clean and Effortless in Killara

The house in Killara underwent a major renovation with the goal to build an open space environment embracing modern architecture and connecting all the living areas.

In order to create a light-filled living space, importance has been placed on blending the outdoor and indoor environment. The balcony was therefore designed as an extension of indoor living.

Limestone, which the client wanted to use for all the outdoor areas, is perfect for adding a soft touch and elegance to a space. For the balcony, steps, front entrance and the other outdoor areas, the client desired a stone reminiscent of French Limestone, with natural colours and delicate textures.

Our Concha Bonita Limestone meets these expectations and was supplied on a custom order. The unique “Waterjet” finish adds texture and makes it suitable for outdoor use.

limestone alfresco

Natural Stone Bathroom for the Ultimate Zen

The project made use of a diverse range of materials that all contribute to the elegant and calm atmosphere of the space.

Natural stone was also used on floors as well as walls in both bathrooms. Our lightly coloured Tavira Limestone, which was used for the ensuite, echoes the sand on the beach and creates a relaxed but stylish ambience in the space.

The Striato Coliseum Travertine that was used for the main bathroom also shares the beige and cream notes that are consistent within the whole house but the Travertine has highly visible stripes and mineral deposits throughout.

These, combined with the vein cut make the stone visually interesting and add character to the bespoke design.

travertine bathroom

About Toki Constructions

Toki Construction is a Sydney-based residential building and construction company, founded by Sean McAneney and Adam Smith, two Kiwis joined by a shared appetite for taking on challenging builds and bespoke finishes that defy the odds.

The name, “Toki” is the native New Zealand Maori name for axe and is worn by Maori elders to represent strength, power and wisdom. Toki Constructions strive to bring these attributes to every project and reflect these in its reputation within the construction industry.

Toki has the largest and most highly skilled group of carpenters in Sydney. They work as a team and exclusively use their own staff in every step of the project, meaning that the same Toki crew that starts demolition, makes the finishing touches on the build.

This attention to detail and passion for challenging builds, together with strong long-term relationships with their preferred subcontractors results in the reputation of consistent quality outcomes.

Now we talk to Sean from Toki Constructions to obtain an insight into the process and talk more about their work.

1. The contemporary design of the internal space and the outdoor leafy setting were connected so seamlessly in this project. What role did natural stone play in this transition in terms of the build?

Externally, the stone allowed a flush transition between the indoor/outdoor connection with the ability to suspend the pavers above a drainage and water management system below the pavers.

limestone terrace

2. Apart from natural stone, what other range of materials were used in this project to create such an elegant and clean atmosphere?

Off form concrete, micaceous painted architectural steel, French oak flooring, elegant complementing finishes – textiles, joinery lighting.

3. Toki Constructions prides itself on approaching and completing every project from the very start to the finishing touches with the same team. What are the benefits of this approach?

It encourages an invested comprehension of the finishes at a structural stage, to best execute all the complex, layered architectural details.

It can also provide a nice experience for all the other stakeholders, clients, architects, consultants and neighbours to always see the same familiar faces working away over the course of the build – and that can be quite an approachable experience.

It also means early communications will be carried forward into the later part of the build.

4. Toki does a great job collaborating with architects in creating bespoke finishes on the projects. What is the process of construction methods applied when working to enhance every architectural detail?

I believe a full comprehension of building materials applied to good building practices and craftsmanship is a necessity in delivering an architectural detail to its best potential.

5. You have a passion for challenging builds. What were some of the unusual designs you’ve worked on? Or some of your favourites?

Most builds come with their own inherent and design challenges, the standouts are probably some of our earliest projects, that helped shape Toki Construction giving the experience we carry today.

One build that comes to mind would have to be the concrete extruded house, which boasts as well as some very nice architectural elements a 52-tone, pitched off-form concrete roof and ceiling structure. Pretty intimidating, but extremely rewarding at the same time, and we could not have been happier with the result.

travertine bathroom

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