Ocean Grey Granite

A redefinition of Granite, Ocean Grey has a beauty that defies the perception that Granite is strong and practical yet less beautiful.

Usage: Indoor & Outdoor

Design Features

While Ocean Grey Granite does have all the typical properties of Granite – strength, durability and low maintenance.

It also delivers colour movement within the stone that is both soft and beautiful, descriptions long associated with Marble or Limestone.

Where To Use It?

The Flamed finish provides excellent slip resistance and is suitable for exterior or wet area applications, in both residential and commercial environments.

The Honed finish is perfect for interior spaces such as kitchen, living and dining and displays the richer tones of colour within the stone.

The Honed or Alfresco finish are available on custom order only.




Slip Rating : P5

Alfresco (custom)

Slip Rating : P5

Honed (custom)

Slip Rating : P2


  • 600x400 - Flamed Paver
  • 600x400 - Flamed Pencil profile Pool Coping / Step Tread
  • 800x400 - Flamed Tile
  • 800x400 - Flamed Pencil profile Pool Coping / Step Tread
  • 335x335 - Skimmer Lid & Key with Stone Inlay

Sizes above are in mm.
Customised sizes available on request.


The Material
Made of igneous rocks from the crust of the Earth, Granite is one of the strongest natural stones available worldwide. It is hard enough to resist abrasion and strong enough to bear substantial weight.
Our Quality
At Sareen Stone, we source our Granite from Asia Pacific. When working with our suppliers, we ensure our Granite is well-calibrated and durable. It is a popular choice for commercial projects and high traffic areas thanks to both its strength and low maintenance requirements.

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