Product in Focus: Cobblestones

1 December 2022


Sareen Stone's premium cobblestones create beautiful, organic, durable, undulating driveways and coordinated garden paths to maximise street appeal and property value. Available on mesh sheets, or loose or fanned by custom order, our cobblestones range offers an array of stone types and textures for residential and commercial designs.

Hewn into highly durable 25mm or 30mm thick cobbles from premium natural stone including quartzite, porphyry and granite, Sareen Stone’s cobblestones stand not only the test of time but also the test of heavy vehicular traffic.

Charcoal Granite Cobblestones Circular Driveway

Add a creative dimension to driveways and paths – or an element of surprise – as with this impressive circular driveway feature at a residential project in Sydney’s Vaucluse by Landsberg Garden Design and Quercus Gardens featuring our Charcoal Granite Cobblestones.

Image: This impressive circular driveway feature in Vaucluse in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs was created by Landsberg Garden Design and Quercus Gardens using our Charcoal Granite Cobblestones.

While they are often used for residential driveways and paths, Sareen Stone cobblestones also make a great choice for commercial space interior floors, including at Bankstown Sports Club’s iconic Lucky Cheng’s Noodle House. Sareen Stone’s Charcoal Grey Granite Rectangle Cobblestones was installed on the restuarant’s floors by Paynter Dixon constructions.

granite--cobblestone-driveways-sydney Byron Martin Photography

Image: Visit Canterbury-Bankstown’s Lucky Cheng’s restaurant to see Sareen Stone Charcoal Grey Granite cobblestones in situ. Installed by Paynter Dixon Construction. Image Credit: Bankstown Sports.

Charcoal Grey Cobblestones Driveway

Sareen Stone’s Charcoal Grey Cobblestones helped set the sense of rustic charm at Hillside Harvest’s Farm Store at Borenore near the agricultural capital of Orange in the New South Wales Central West. The 75-acre property features a farm store and café, yields many varieties of cherries, apples, pears, stone fruit and berries and is a popular destination for fresh fruit picking adventures and sourcing locally-grown produce.

Image: The family-run Hillside has a long history of producing quality fruit in the Orange region. Sareen Stone Charcoal Grey Cobblestones were used to complete the Hillside Harvest Farm Store’s rustic feel. Image Credit:@photographybypip

Image: Sareen Stone cobblestones was used to create the stunning driveway feature at The Scots College Research Office at Bellevue Hill, Sydney.

Sareen Stone’s Charcoal Grey Granite Cobblestones were also selected by Sydney Brick Paving Company to pave the driveway to The King’s School in Sydney’s northwest Hills District.

Silhouette Grey Granite Tumbled Cobblestones Driveway

Cobbles from Sareen Stone were incorporated into a recent project designed to emulate a 200-year-old traditional Italian village, now known as Guestlands Boutique Accommodation in Arcadia in Sydney’s Hills District, complete with its own bell tower, cobblestone street and vintage Vespa.

A custom order of Silhouette Granite Tumbled Cobbles of varying sizes were used throughout the village, whilst fanned cobblestones on mesh with a flamed top and sawn bottom were used in front of the rustic, barn-like structure, which also incorporates a natural stone feature wall made from our Cotswold Natural Stone Wall Cladding.


Image: Sareen Stone cobblestones and natural stone wall cladding were used to create the authentic traditional Italian village feel at Guestlands Italian Inspired Boutique Accommodation in Sydney’s Arcadia.

Image: Sareen Stone’s Charocal Grey Fan Cobbles complete the traditional Italian village feel at Guestlands Boutique Accommodation, Arcadia.

Autumn Blend Quartzite Cobblestones Driveway

Sareen Stone’s Autumn Blend Quartzite Cobbles contain a subtle rainbow of natural stone colours to bring warmth to outdoor areas. This colour variation makes Autumn Blend uniquely beautiful and extremely practical particularly in high traffic areas as any marks or scuffing is well disguised.

Quartzite is an immensely dense and durable stone with a high flexural strength. As with all of Sareen Stone’s cobblestones, Autumn Blend Quartzite Cobbles come in a flamed finish, are easy to lay, low maintenance and come on mesh for ease of handling on any sized project – commercial and residential.

Image: Sareen Stone’s Autumn Blend Quartzite Cobblestones were recently installed at Waverton on Sydney’s lower North Shore. Image Credit: WJ Building Instagram.

Porphyry 2 Colour Mix Light & Dark Grey Cobblestones

Our Porphyry 2 Colour Mix Light & Dark Grey Cobblestones offer an eye-catching mix of light and dark grey cobbles that are a highly suitable addition to both classic and modern residential or commercial designs.

An igneous rock, porphyry is a premium quality and extremely hardwearing stone that has been used throughout antiquity and into the contemporary period for various applications. It is a particularly popular natural stone for cobblestone floors to due to its extreme hardness and durability.

Porphyry, which means “purple” in ancient Greek, has been described as the hardest stone in antiquity and was often used in imperial settings. The term ‘born to the purple’ was essentially an ancient way of saying someone was ‘born with a silver spoon in their mouth’ and reflected the stone’s rarity and high price, as it was often reserved as an imperial stone.

Our Porphyry 2 Colour Mix cobbles provide a low maintenance and non-slip option for high traffic areas such as driveways, pathways and alfresco areas in residential or commercial environments and are available on an easy installation mesh sheet in a rectangular format in a flamed finish.

Desert Sand Granite Cobblestones Driveway

Loose or Fanned cobblestones are available on custom order. Lead times apply.

Image: Our popular Desert Sand Granite Cobblestones were specified at this Northbridge residence on Sydney’s north shore by Darren Campbell Architects

Image: Fanned cobblestones are available on custom order from Sareen Stone prestige stone suppliers. Our showroom is located at Banksmeadow just 10 minutes from Sydney’s CBD.

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