Discover our Top Trends of 2023

22 January 2024


Explore the world of stone elegance with our top trends of 2023. From the sophistication of Crema Vialle Limestone to the unmatched versatility of Ocean Grey Granite, each stone unveils a unique story of design excellence. Join us on a journey through our client’s favourites, exploring rich textures, and the harmonious integration of indoor and outdoor spaces.
A Piha lounger stone design around by elegance stone with a pool in the right corner.

Discover the essence of nature and luxury that defines our top stone selection this past year.

Crema Vialle Limestone | Client’s Choice of the Year

Explore sophistication with our top seller of 2023. Our Crema Vialle Limestone boasts rich textures and elegant cream tones, providing a timeless backdrop for any design. The subtle marbling and unique details add a touch of sophistication and its soft underfoot feel blends luxury with practical comfort. Choose from honed and alfresco finishes to effortlessly integrate indoor and outdoor spaces.

Project by TDDP Architects | Photography Adam Hollingworth | Crema Vialle Limestone Honed

Luna Chiaro Limestone

For its exceptional versatility, our Luna Chiaro Limestone stands out as the second most voted. This stone seamlessly blends timeless aesthetics with unmatched adaptability. Its soft muted tones radiate tranquillity, creating an inviting ambience for any space. Celebrated for its adaptability and sophisticated beauty, Luna Chiaro Limestone is the ideal choice for projects that demand luxury and natural charm.

Project by Anna Antoniades Architecture | Nick Smoli, Denian | Telgrit | Photography The Unfold | Luna Chiaro Limestone Honed

Lavarosa Limestone

Our Lavarosa Anticato Limestone is ideal for those seeking distinctive and organic design. With light-coloured earthy tones, a textured finish, and a distressed edge for that authentic ‘aged’ look and feel, Lavarosa Anticato adds grace and a natural ambience to any space. Beautiful and hard-wearing, it is an excellent choice for residential and commercial projects.

Project by Daniel Baker Design | Martin McGrane Architects | Photography Bolt Media | Lavarosa Anticato Limestone

Ocean Grey Granite

For those embracing enduring strength, durability and versatile beauty, our Ocean Grey Granite is a natural choice. With all the typical properties of Granite, it also reveals colour movement within the stone that echoes the soft and beautiful characteristics associated with Marble or Limestone. The honed finish, perfect for interior spaces, unveils the richer tones of colour within the stone. The Ocean Grey Granite Flamed offers excellent slip resistance, making it ideal for outdoor or wet area applications in residential and commercial settings.

Ocean Grey Honed
Project by BCM Australia | Photography Bolt Media | Ocean Grey Flamed

Italian Filetti

Last, but not least, in our top trends for 2023, we invite you to discover our Italian Filetti – a traditional European Stone format consisting of long, thin pieces of Porphyry stone.  Known for their durability and unique charm, Filleti provides a distinctive alternative to Cobblestones.

Filetti’s random irregular shapes and colour variation, offer a unique flooring solution to create visual interest and textural relief across expansive areas.

Project by Top Deck Landscapes | Photography Bolt Media | Italian Filetti

As we conclude this exploration of our top 5 best-selling natural stones, the journey is just the beginning for your projects. The allure and versatility of natural stone await your creative touch. Click here for more information and order your samples today! Let’s bring your design visions to life.

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