Sareen Stone’s 2023 Highlights

18 December 2023


Reflecting on 2023, Sareen Stone is thrilled to share the highlights that made this year exceptional. From the moments we cherished to the introduction of exciting products, and showcase our top 5 projects. Join us in celebrating a year filled with innovation, inspiration, and accomplishments.
A beautiful interior design of a penhouse with a sofa and pillows. A glass sliding door.

Let’s dive into Sareen Stone’s 2023 Highlights and relive the milestones that shaped this year.

What we loved in 2023

Marmomac 2023

In September, Duncan, Sareen Stone’s Managing Director, embarked on a journey to the annual Marmomac Trade Show in Verona, and the echoes of this experience continue to resonate. With 1507 exhibitors from 54 countries and 50,000 visitors representing 140 nations, Marmomac served as a diverse hub for stone professionals worldwide.

The Local Project Partnership

Discover why Sareen Stone stands out, featured in The Local Project’s publication – a blog and magazine renowned for showcasing the best in product design, interior design and architecture across Australia, New Zealand, and The United States.

New Natural Stone Products

Luna Chiaro Crazy Pave Limestone

The sophistication and relaxation of our Luna Chiaro Limestone is now available in Crazy Paving. The rich colour variation of this natural stone, showcased in irregular pieces, creates a unique texture, ideal for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Photographer The Unfold
Photographer Bolt Media

Santa Fe Limestone

This exquisite natural stone, once exclusive to special orders, is now in stock, ready to elevate your spaces. Its beauty and versatility make it perfect for indoor and outdoor living.

Photographer Luc Remond
Project by Those Architects

Our Top 5 Projects of the Year

The Bellevue Hill Project

Anna Antoniades Architecture | Nick Smoli, Denian

A harmonious blend of modernity and resort-style elegance unfolds with our Luna Chiaro Limestone. Taking centre stage, it graces the shower wall and bathroom floor in a honed finish, while the shower’s Crazy Paving introduces a beautiful interplay of textures and radiant light. Extending its allure, Luna Chiaro Limestone Alfresco, adorned in soft tones, elegantly surrounds the pool, and the Crazy Paving finish seamlessly continues to the house entry, crafting unique textures that infuse an inviting sense of luxury.

Photographer The Unfold

Nine-Square Bondi

Madeleine Blanchfield Architects

This exquisite project, honoured with awards, by Madeleine Blanchfield and Nick Channon, is a showcase of our Italian Terrazzo. This durable stone elegantly enhances floors, bathrooms, and a captivating concrete spiral stairway, embodying an enduring charm and resilience.

Photographer Anson Smart

Southern Highlands Grand Design

Daniel Baker Design | Martin McGrane Architects

Embracing a modern aesthetic with clean lines and simplicity, this project highlights the beauty of natural materials. Our Silver Ash Premium Tumbled Travertine takes centre stage indoors, elevating the wet room floors with captivating patterns and variations present in natural stone. Outdoors, our Lavarosa Anticato steals the spotlight, presenting a distinctive and organic design with light-coloured earthy tones and a gentle finish.

Photographer Bolt Media

Architectural Family Living

Truman Building Solutions | Green Coast Landscapes

Crafted to embrace natural light and expansive open living spaces for family and entertaining, this project achieves a captivating contrast using natural stone, diverse materials, and varied textures, elevating the space with classic sophistication. Our terrazzo, a timeless choice, enhances each bathroom, seamlessly complementing the concrete-look porcelain tile and white matte-look porcelain tile.

Our Luna Chiaro Alfresco Limestone takes centre stage in the pool surrounds and coping of this project. Hotham Wall Cladding brings character to the front and rear walls, as well as the outdoor fireplace. The durable Silhouette Grey Granite graces the outdoor living terrace, stairs, and stepping stones, creating a seamless blend of elegance and functionality.

Photographer Josh Hill

Manly Pacific

Coco Republic Interior Design | Gitani Stone

The Manly Pacific’s remarkable transformation showcased our premium natural stone. Custom Limestone slabs elevated the Reception, Concierge Area, and new Conference breakout space. The shower walls boast light green fossil, complemented by Cement White Matt on the bathroom walls and Cement White Rough porcelain tiles on the floors.

Luna Chiaro Alfresco and Crazy Paving Limestone shine in the rooftop pool, adding versatility and modern elegance. Black and white mosaic tiles adorn the pool’s bottom, while Charcoal Granite-look grip finish porcelain tiles bring sophistication to the terraces.

Photographer Bolt Media

As we conclude our exploration of 2023 Highlights, we are filled with gratitude for the memorable moments, innovative products, and outstanding projects that defined this year. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and here’s to continued growth, success, and inspiration in the coming years.

Cheers to the future and the remarkable experiences it holds!

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