Bellevue Hill Project

Interior Design
Nicki Smoli, Denian


Bellevue Hill welcomes a radiant and sophisticated residential project, that artfully blends modernity with a touch of resort-style elegance. Designed by Anna Antoniades Architecture, this contemporary residence boasts inviting, spacious interiors, crafted by Interior Designer Nick Smoli, creating a flawless sanctuary for its residents.

At the heart of this architectural masterpiece, are the organic surfaces that highlight its aesthetic identity. Our Luna Chiaro Limestone Alfresco, with its soft, muted tones, extends gracefully from the pool surrounds to the entry of the house, introducing unique textures that add a sense of inviting luxury.

Strategically employed, Luna Chiaro Limestone not only defines the spaces but also infuses them with a resort-style ambiance. Its diverse textures, ranging from the honed finish on the shower wall and bathroom floor, to the crazy paving in the shower floor, enable Luna Chiaro to harmoniously transition from interior to outdoor areas. The result is a seamless blend of sophistication and relaxation, a testament to the designer, who ingeniously blended organic textures with radiant light.

In this Bellevue Hill masterpiece, Luna Chiaro Limestone elevates the overall sophistication and creates a haven of luxury and comfort, where the forces of modernity converge with the beauty of nature.

Architect:  Anna Antoniades Architecture

Builder: Telgrit

Photography:  The Unfold

Interior Designer: Nicki Smoli, Denian

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