Mosman Garden Transformation with Joanne Green Landscape & Interior

14 April 2021


The garden in Mosman received a striking facelift by Joanne Green Landscape & Interior tailored specifically to the needs and vision of the client.
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When transforming the front and rear outdoor areas in Mosman, one of the most sought-after Sydney suburbs, the clients desired a classically influenced and inviting garden design with easy care and maintenance.

Tailored Tranquil Gardens

Tailoring specifically to their needs, the goal was to make use of the tight space and create privacy with an intimate entertaining area as well as tranquil gardens.

“We had a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve within the small space; a private, serene, functional entertaining area with a contemporary design edge,” said Joanne.

Design with Practicality in Mind

The Mosman garden transformation was taking place at a tight site with no storage areas. This posed the biggest challenge to the landscaping work. With the major focus on efficient practices and timely planning, the team was able to deliver a stunning result.

With neighbouring properties closely surrounding the gardens, the goal was to use landscaping to create more privacy in the entertaining area. Many of the practical aspects of the design such as the natural stone wall and a new boundary fence not only succeeded in providing more intimacy but also made the areas look stylish and beautiful.

Diversity of Materials

The use of different materials and textures including timber, stone and tiles made the garden feel rich in texture as well as relaxed and inviting.

Some of the major changes included tiling the front courtyard, installing a new boundary fence, installing new steps together with remodelling the timber deck with the installation of Sareen Stone Cotswold natural stone cladding.

The natural stone walls cleverly screen the entertaining deck from neighbouring windows, making the area more intimate.

wall cladding cotswold

Our Cotswold Wall Cladding is composed of random size Granite pieces in sesame and dark earthy colours. It provides a traditional European look replicating a Dry Stack stone wall but will complement any modern architectural style.

In combination with timber decking, the rear garden showcases the use of natural materials and improves the flow of the space, which is finished with abundant use of new plants.

Joanne Green Landscape & Interior

Joanne Green Landscape & Interior was founded in 1981 by Joanne Neylon and has since become one of the leading landscape and interior design companies in Sydney, covering landscape design, interior design, landscape construction and garden maintenance.

Creating truly beautiful spaces for people to live in, Joanne Green Landscape & Interior’s attention to detail in design and expertise in construction is highly recognized in the industry and as a testament has received over 20 awards across various project categories.

When transforming the garden areas in this residential project in Mosman, some of the major changes included removing overgrown trees, building a new arbour above the front gate with additional height to offer added privacy from the apartments across the road and adding a bespoke plant selection.

Tailoring the garden design to a home with a new puppy in the mix, Joanne Green added a temporary low fence around the new raised garden beds at the front garden and to avoid the puppy from digging it up.

garden mosman

“The client wanted definition in the garden beds, and we selected plants to suit this, including Viburnum, Camellia’s and Japanese Boxes. The specimen tree in the timber deck cut out is a Flowering Cherry Tree – Prunus Shirotae ‘Mt Fuji’, as it has a non-aggressive root system, assists with screening and provides beautiful seasonal change.

We added some softness throughout the garden with Purple Leafed Plectranthus, Chinese Star Jasmine, Liriope and Wedding Lilies,” added Joanne.

Eye-catching Facelift

This garden facelift made the best use of the space available with a combination of natural materials like stone and timber, new garden beds and tailored plant selection.

The clever design included changes such as removing the advanced Cypress Pine trees along the back fence of the property allowing more light to the garden. Installation of a stone cladding wall and a new arbour above the garden ensured enhanced privacy from the neighbouring apartments.

“We are delighted with the transformation of our outdoor spaces. The Joanne Green Landscape and Interior team had so many wonderful suggestions for our front courtyard and backyard, and we enjoyed working with them throughout the process.

We love our outdoor dining area and spend so much more time in the backyard as space is just such a beautiful place to be!” said property owners Cathy and Steve.

Staying faithful to the clients’ requirements, the design transformed the garden into a private area perfect for entertaining as well as creating a tranquil and homely atmosphere.

cotswold wall cladding

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