Subtle Luxury at Caballo Estate with Turrell Building

4 October 2022


Caballo Estate is sophisticated, luxurious, yet subtle at the same time. Using raw materials and a minimalist colour palette to create a beautiful façade, this project demonstrates the power of simplicity.
A beautiful façade with lights and a stone created by raw materials and minimalist color

Sareen Stone collaborated with Turrell Building on their Caballo Estate project.

Caballo Estate is sophisticated, luxurious, yet subtle at the same time. Using raw materials and a minimalist colour palette to create a beautiful facade, this project demonstrates the power of simplicity.

We talked to Neil, founder of Turrell Building to learn more about the project. 

Stunning luxury selections of fixtures and finishes brought it all together, keeping the house modern and contemporary for decades to come.

Inspired by Scandinavian Style

The Caballo Estate presents an utterly unique and sophisticated style, so we were intrigued to find out what the vision for the project was. Neil told us more about the client’s input:

The inspiration came from the client’s passion for the Scandinavian style and incorporating their own elements within rooms.
For example, the New York room, where they have included the barn door, and furnishings. This style is not only modern but suits the owners’ requirements, due to being so minimalistic and clean, yet extremely classy at the same time.

Raw Materials and A Strong Connection to Nature

We love the strong focus on the connection with nature and the rich use of raw materials, not only the natural stone but also timber and other animal motifs throughout the house.

Yet, the house presents a striking balance between the traditional and modern, providing a subtle, luxurious modern look.

It is a modern construction tying in the elements, with timber and stone being an acreage property blending in with the surroundings and creating a homely feel, even though most of the project is contemporary Scandinavian.

Contrasting Colour Palette

The client has a passion for the industrial warehouse style, hence polished concrete floors, and dark colours, which provide a striking balance and provide the project with a contemporary feel.

Even with the sophisticated dark fixtures of the interiors, there is a beautiful flow of light and space. What was the thinking behind the construction, layout, lights, and windows to achieve this?

In order to balance the dark colours within the interiors and offset the dark finishes, we brought in a lot of glass which allows you to take in the surrounding views of the property as well as ultimately brings in a lot of light to flow through the home.
The stunning natural stone, being the lighter coloured stone, brings in the light to offset the dark interior finishes too.

Natural Stone In The Spotlight

Turrell Building selected three beautiful products from Sareen Stone’s natural stone range for this project; First Choice Classic Travertine, Tavira Limestone as well as Clairvaux Wall Cladding.

At the entrance, the tumbled white Sandstone pieces of our Clairvaux Wall Cladding laid in an irregular pattern with white grout contrasted with the timber and set the tone for the design vision of the whole project. This wall cladding is then further used in the living areas.

The character and lightness of the stone was a perfect fit. To offset the dark rendered roof and window frame and that darkness allows the stone to pop.

Our First Choice Classic Tumbled Travertine was selected for the alfresco area, providing a similar lightness and contemporary atmosphere to the design.

Do you like to include natural stone in your projects?

Personally, I have a passion for stone and timber, and incorporated them into my own home, which has flowed through to Turrell Building.
The majority of our projects at Turrell Building, if not all, have elements of stone and either rustic or contemporary timber as part of the fusion.

Limestone Bathroom as The Perfect Fit

Similarly, to the rest of the project, Turrell selected a light-coloured stone for the bathroom to provide a calming aesthetics and feel.

By selecting Limestone, rather than Marble, for example, the bathroom offers light consistent colours, provides a relaxing atmosphere, a softer look and evokes a sense of tranquillity.

Our Tavira Limestone is a light beige-coloured stone with an elegant and relaxed ambience echoing the sand on the beach in terms of looks and offers lovely markings which makes the stone fit perfectly into the design vision of the whole project.

The project is full of unique premium finishes and features. What do you think are the most unique and special ones you want to highlight?

I love the entry feature truss sitting on the piers, which have been beautifully set off with Sareen Stone’s Clairvaux Wall Cladding, and the large, raked ceiling with the industrial steel column supports.
Love the natural timber floor lit feature entry wall and the New York room is an amazing place to sit, as is the alfresco area out the back looking over the pool, the property and vista.

What are some of the most important principles, according to you, when creating a home that is sophisticated yet timeless – like Caballo Estate?

My personal passion is using timber and stone in all our projects. I’m a massive fan of aesthetic lighting in my projects. Nothing looks better under lights than timber and stone. My home also has lots of stone and timber.
Fyffe Design is an integral part of Turrell Building and we work closely together to bring our projects to life.

About Turrell Building

Turrell Building has spent more than 26 years working on high-quality projects, focusing on all aspects of a build, from the initial concept through to construction and completion.

The company was founded by Neil Turrell, who still plays a pivotal role in each building project. From the very start, their amazing team will take your vision and bring it to life, collaborating closely along the way and working to a realistic timeframe and budget to provide you with the best value possible.

“Where Excellence is Our Standard”, is more than just a throwaway line, but our company slogan that drives every project.

On all projects, we follow the same simple and to-the-point philosophy – do it right and do it once in all aspects from communication to the construction itself.

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