Our selection of Porcelain and Ceramic tiles is sourced from trusted and premium suppliers making us proud to offer a comprehensive range of stock.

Alternative to Natural Stone

Both Porcelain and Ceramic tiles provide an alternative to natural stone. Our range offers numerous options of stone, cement and timber lookalikes.

They are ideal for those valuing practicality, a predictable and consistent look and easy maintenance.

Ceramic Tiles

Our Ceramic tiles provide an unlimited range of colours and patterns and ensure easy maintenance.

Ceramic tiles are practical building material dating back to Biblical times. They wear well, provide good traction and are practically stain-proof.

Porcelain Tiles

Our Porcelain range offers an alternative to natural stone as well as ceramic tiles. Our range includes Marble, Travertine, Limestone and other lookalikes as well as colourful prints and decorative tiles.

Just like ceramic tiles, porcelain is easy to maintain, not likely to stain and scratch-resistant.

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