Porphyry Two Colour Mix Cobblestones

A light and dark grey cobblestones, highly suitable and a very fashionable addition to outdoor areas of both modern and traditional style homes.

Usage: Outdoor

Design Features

Porphyry Two Colour Mix Cobblestones come on mesh for easy installation and are available in a rectangular format in a flamed finish.

Where To Use Porphyry Two Colour Mix Cobblestones

Porphyry Two Colour Mix Cobblestones is a great option for high-traffic areas such as driveways, and pathways, suitable for residential and commercial environments. Porphyry cobblestones are durable and resistant to weathering.

The two-colour mix of Porphyry cobblestones adds an interesting visual element. They are slip-resistant, which makes them a safe option for high-traffic areas.  They are easy to install and maintain and provide a unique look and feel to any outdoor space.



Slip Rating : P5


  • Random length x 25 - Brick Bond (Rectangular on mesh) 680x480 sheet

Sizes above are in mm.
Customised sizes available on request.


The Material
Cobblestones are smaller cuts of stone that are typically used to pave streets, paths and driveways. Most commonly they are made of Quartz and Granite. Many streets in Europe are still paved with Cobblestones.
Our Quality
At Sareen Stone, we source our Cobblestones from Asia Pacific and make our selection to ensure they are well-calibrated and extremely durable. We supply them on mesh for quicker and easier laying, but they are also available loose on a custom order.

Need more information?

For stock availability, lead times, pricing and technical information please call the office and speak with one of our natural stone specialists.

Call 02 9666 9222

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Porphyry Two Colour Mix Cobblestones

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