A creative and adventurous spirit triumph for this Sydney home

8 February 2016


Making a sloping site work for a family friendly backyard certainly comes with its challenges. With a degree of creativity from Landart together with a willingness by the owners to be adventurous, the outcome is a truly delightful space that proves not only to be beautiful and interesting but also a very practical outdoor area for a growing family.
classic travertine alfresco

The overall design, including the varying levels of the space and the materials used, provides definition and interest.

A sunken entertaining area achieves increased privacy and a retreat like feeling. Cleverly, the pool and spa, positioned along the back boundary, were raised to the level of the house. This not only adds further interest but allows for a visual connection between each distinctive space from the house.

alfresco area

Classic Travertine tumbled

Incorporating Sareen Stone’s Classic Travertine tumbled tile into the design allows the space to have a timeless appeal. This is a high quality stone with neutral colouring that will remain steadfast despite fashion trends over the coming years. The composition of the Classic Travertine tumbled will also ensure it is soft to walk on and will remain cool even in the hot summer months.

classic travertine tumbled

Landart Landscapes

Landart Landscapes are an award-winning Landscape, Design and Construction business that offers its services, including ongoing maintenance and horticultural advice, to both residential and commercial properties.

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