Transurban’s HQ

In the heart of Sydney’s business district, a new beacon of innovation has emerged – Transurban’s state-of-the-art headquarters by Bates Smart. This best-in-class workspace transcends the traditional office, offering an immersive, sensory experience designed to foster creativity and wellbeing.

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Bates Smart Designs Transurban’s Pioneering HQ: A Sensory Oasis for Innovation

A Fusion of Forward-Thinking Design

Occupying three floors of the iconic 210 George Tower, Transurban exemplifies forward-thinking design and brand initiative. As Brenton Smith, Director at Bates Smart, explains, “Our competition scheme for this project fused brand initiative, technology and iconic base build architecture to create a unique workplace for the future”. Bates Smart masterfully combined these elements with a Sydney-inspired aesthetic to create a truly unique experience.

Materiality at the Core

From the moment you step inside, Transurban’s design philosophy is evident in its deep connection to materiality. Textural, natural stone materials evoke a strong sense of place, while integrated lighting further enhances the sensory experience for clients and staff.

A Standout Feature

One Captivating element is the use of Sareen Stone’s Ocean Grey Granite in a honed finish. Custom-sized and elongated into strips, it forms a captivating masterpiece. This choice not only complements the interior design, showcasing the stone’s rich tones and intricate veining, but it also exudes strength, durability, and a touch of natural beauty, fostering an engagement with nature.

Award-Winning Design

It’s no surprise that Bates Smart’s design for Transurban’s hub, with its manifestation of infrastructure, scale, and community connectivity, has been shortlisted for interior architecture in this year’s NSW Architecture Awards. This innovative space, with its emphasis on wellbeing and meticulous attention to detail, is setting a new standard for office environments everywhere.

Transurban is more than just a workplace; it’s evidence of the power of thoughtful design in improving the way we work and live. The extensive use of natural stone flooring throughout the space exemplifies this commitment to quality and aesthetics.


Architecture and Interior Design by Bates Smart

Photography by Nicole England


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