18 October 2017


When it comes to traditional design there is always plenty of history involved. Stately homes in the tradition of Federation, cottage or Victorian style homes including terraces with fretwork, ornate cornice and opaque lighting all come to mind.
traditional style

The much loved Australian favourite, the Queenslander also fits with this genre.

Today many traditional style homes have maintained their facades but once through the front door, a more contemporary, open plan interior emerges. However, if you are also dreaming of traditional style inside then here’s a few tips to consider:

  • Intricate details are an important design criteria in traditional style
  • Ornate ceilings and trims are the order of the day
  • An understated look that ensures function, comfort and classic styling
  • Everything has its place – leaving a feeling of calm
  • Very few surprises as everything will be arranged to go together
  • Accessories are plainly coloured but embrace texture
  • There’s no pops of colour – at best small florals or paisleys can be used for soft furnishings, drapes or accessories
  • There will be rugs
  • Timber furniture is king with a dash of antique or possibly modern replicas of popular vintage pieces
  • Wood panelling, built-in cabinetry and fireplaces are quintessential for traditional style
  • Pairings are an important feature for example, matching sofas, chairs, tables, lamps, and accessories
  • Reflecting earlier innovative design, curved wing backed designs are popular for sofas and chairs in traditional interiors

A large array of products from Sareen Stone’s range of natural stone and porcelains will fit into your Traditional look but we highlight 3 of our favourites below that will really set the tone for this design style:

Crema Perla Marble

Crema Perla Marble is elegant with subtle creamy tones. This marble will provide both function and beauty to a traditional style bathroom, laundry or kitchen.

Silhouette Grey Cobblestones

Silhouette Grey Cobblestonesare a practical choice for a traditional style driveway or pathway as they are durable and easy to maintain.

Palissandro timber lookalike porcelain tiles

Palissandro timber lookalike porcelain tiles are the perfect tile for a traditional style interior especially when you want the traditional look of timber but a modern, easy to maintain option.

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