Trends: Terrazzo Tile And Slab

17 September 2020


The Terrazzo trend has returned - and we love it! This classic Tuscan tile with a contemporary twist has been added to our range of floor and wall tiles.

Terrazzo tiles and slabs

Terrazzo is now available from Sareen Stone giving our clients more choice from our range of floor and wall tiles.

What is Terrazzo?

Terrazzo is marble, quartz and/or granite chips of stone set into concrete that are then polished. The chips are usually marble or granite remnants recycled and reused to create a beautiful, highly sustainable flooring.

How is Terrazzo made?

It is made with chips of marble or granite that are set in concrete and then polished. Terrazzo is manufactured to the highest standards ensuring sustainability and durability. It is a dense, hard wearing tile.

Where can I use Terrazzo?

Terrazzo is used for commercial applications due to its hard wearing properties that are relatively easy to maintain. Indoors it is often used in reception areas and foyers of high rise offices. Terrazzo is regaining popularity in residential projects for living and dining spaces, bathrooms and kitchens. Sareen Stone’s Terrazzo has been tested for its anti-slip properties and can be treated up to a P5 slip rating. During our testing no colour change was noted.

What colours does Terrazzo come in?

Our Terrazzo comes in a range of on trend colours including light greys, darker greys, green and black.

What are the advantages of a Terrazzo floor?

There are many advantages including durability. Our Terrazzo is a great choice for high traffic areas as it doesn’t show marks as much as a plain tile. It is a popular choice for shopping centres, airports and apartment block or commercial foyers. Terrazzo tiles can be treated up to a P5 anti-slip rating if you want to install them outdoors.

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